Revising by phrases

How do you use revising vocabulary the most efficient way?
If I don’t know the word much, the flash card variation of revising is the best one, I think, and the most powerful revising will be by phrases then.
What is your experience? The system shows only a small part of the each sentences (as a phrases). It is not possible to revise the word from context than (due to, the phrase is too short).

My own practice is to occasionally review on flash cards when I am turning pages in the lesson. Mostly I review the new words when I read, or re-read a lesson. That way I see the words, again the yellow LingQs, the meaning of which I have usually forgotten, but I see them in context. This happens over and over till I know them, and move them manually to known. Hope that helps.

It helped!
Additionally, may I ask you more detaily? :slight_smile: It is important for me.
So the key for revising vocabs (moving from 1 → 2 → … → known word) is for you the re-reading all lessons as you finish every single ones, or using flash cards?
What kind of activity do you exactly mean to “happen over and over”?

I think that by “over and over again” he’s referring to encounters with the words while reading, and maybe occasionally doing flashcards while turning pages. So, not reviewing flashcards in the vocal tab, but noticing lingqed words as we have them in context, right in front of us, while reading; you can click to get a definition and see other usages (contexts) where we lingqed the word. . At any rate this is what I do, I don’t like flashcards and will only use them sometimes between pages.

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I agree with musicserver. I mostly move the status of my saved words (LingQs) along manually, and often reverse the status if I am no longer so confident of the word. The big thing is going through content, often more than once, reading and listening. Easy material in the page view, and harder material in sentence view.

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Could you check the last comments here, please:

We have been discussing the proper work with LingQ. I believe, you could help us by your views. Thanks!