Revise a lesson + advices


I would like to know how you revise a lesson. I don’t know how do that, If you just listen the audio, or read the text?

And what are your advices to improve your languages? How are you learn vobabulary?

I learn Japanese but i feel so stressed: I go to Japan in 3 month and my level doesn’t improve, while i work it every day :confused:

Have a look at the Help section or look into Academy (both at the top right of the screen). How you revise depends on your preferences. The LingQ advice tends to be: Listen before your read. Listen as often as you need to feel comfortable with a lesson, listen and read along with the audio, again as often as you need to feel comfortable with a lesson. Listen without the text again. Remember you do not have to know everything word in a lesson. Use texts that interest you. In the next lesson you will come across familiar and new words. Start the same cycle: Listen, Listen and Read, Listen. Review your flashcards if you work with flashcards. Do some of the other exercises offered. Move on.

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that’s the probleme, i don’t come back on the lesson. So if i don’t understand clearly the listen, i stay on?

Of course, one time is not always enough even for your mother language to understand everything well. You have to repeat every lesson maybe 5-10 times to keep in your memory main words and structures of a new language.

For exemple, every day, i come back to the lesson during 5/10 day, one time by day?
I can begin other lesson during this or not?

Thank you, that’s help me :slight_smile:

If you are a beginner, not one time a day, but 5 times a day!..
If you are on a level Low Intermediate or higher, you can listen to the same podcast or two podcasts 2 times a day, maybe one lesson a bit more difficult and another a bit easier.

I do that in english (but i have a intermediate level), but i did two listen in Japanese while i’m beginner. That’s the problem! Thank you for your help, now i know my mistake :3