Reviews seem to sort of skip the last query

Today while doing the 2 reviews I found that when arriving at the last question, I could hear the tts-voice saying the word concerned, subsequently being followed by the end screen / overview (where you see the two guys in what seems to be a happy state).

It is not as much a bug that bothers me, but I have no idea if the last question was skipped, being judged as wrong or as right, or it was actually past the last question and ignored altogether.

I am also curious to know if other people experience the same.

I run Fedora with Firefox version 80.0.1 (64 bits).

I can’t reproduce that. When you review, for example 10 terms on the Vocabulary page, you should get 20 cards (each term twice). Can you give it another try and make sure you see all the cards during the review?

I don’t count the cards. What I do is see the last word go by almost in a flash and I hear the tts-voice saying the word and then the review of this card gets interrupted by the overview screen showing that the review is over.

At the moment I have 20 cards in my review settings. You talk about terms (from the vocabulary page. I will lower the number of cards in my review settings and do this experiment. The same priniciple should hold if my review setting are 5 as they are 20. I will let you know what the result is.

Ok, I just did the experiment. I set the review setting to 6, so I wouldn’t get as much cards, but I got way more than 20 cards. Also, I did not get the drop of the last card. It just finished as it should. I guess it was a one day thing (happened multiple times on the same day). Just to be clear, I used the review button at the right top-end of the vocabulary. Maybe that one is not ruled by the review settings.

I have no explanation, just the observation to offer: this time the expected drop did not happen. I apologize for any inconvenience.