Reviewing your yellow LingQs using the Edit pencil

If you click on the yellow button in the right hand information pane, you see a list of the yellow LingQs in the lesson you are working on. I wonder how many people click on the pencil to see the list in the Vocabulary view. I do. Sometimes before as well as after reading a lesson.

I usually click on the Status # 4 to remove status 4 words. I can then easily review these words in a list, and change their status as I go through them.

I will often select Show Phrase Only to review my phrases.

Of course I can also flash card or do the other vocabulary review drills if I want.

I find it great to review these words and phrases while I am studying the lesson.

Does anyone else to this?

I’ve been doing that quite often lately, but mostly for the reason, that not all of my hints are saved right away)

Funny. Shigeharu also mentioned this problem. I have not experienced this but will add it to the list.

@eugrus: “not all of my hints are saved right away.”

I have the same problem from time to time. Some hints get saved, some do not. So far, I haven’t seen a common denominator.

@Steve: “I find it great to review these words and phrases while I am studying the lesson.”

I review vocabulary for a lesson from time to time, but using the Vocabulary Section, not the Information Pane. Using the Information Pane is more convenient, and thanks for pointing it out.

I do this regularly and find it a very useful feature.

Which brings me to mention a bug from the last version of Lingq which hasn’t been fixed yet: if you edit a lingq’s hint on the edit lingq popup on your vocabulary page, if you change the status at the same time before pressing the “save lingq” button, the change to the hint gets saved but not the change to the status of the lingq. You have to change the status as a subsequent operation.

Yes it seems that changing the status within the popup does not seem to work. On the other hand changing the status in the list view take effect immediately.

We will look into it. Thanks.

There is other pencil called “Edit term” next to the LingQ term opened in the dashboard. How to use it? Clicking it does nothing for me except for scrolling web-page up to the limit. If I remember right, it was used to literally “edit the term”. It may be obsolete now.

If you mean the pencil that appears in the dashboard for a blue word, to the left of the Hint. You have to hover a little for it to show up. If I click on it I can edit the Hint. If I don’t click on it I cannot edit the Hint. Is that what you are referring to?

No, not that one. I uploaded the screenshot:

Aha, this seems to be a bug! Thanks.