Reviewing lingqs after completing lesson

When I’ve finished a lesson, an option to renew the lingqs in the lesson appears on the screen in an yellow box as shown here. But although there are 48 lingqs to be reviewed in this particular lesson, only a small portion, no more than 25 are actually shown to me during the review process,

after which I am sent back to the lesson. How can I review all the words in the completed lesson and not just a part of them?


Seconded. The review feature really doesn’t work well.

Thanks for reporting that! I’ll check it with our team.

yep, same for me, sometimes it doesn’t show anything to review, sometimes just a few words.

Usually go you can go into settings and under review adjust the number of words you see in each review. I like setting it to 25-30 (and each word repeats “about” twice.) But I’m 95% sure you can set it to 50 (as example) and go over all of them. In my experience it only shows yellow words from level 1-3. You also can go into the vocabulary setting and choose which lesson(s) or course you to review. Then you can set the slider to review, 1s, 2s, 3s, and 4s (or some combination of these.) This “sometimes” works. [I only just learned this second trick a month ago…:)]