Reviewing lessons and changing lingqs number

OK so I’m reviewing some korean lessons. I’m pressing the Left/Right arrow key to quickly cycle through yellow lingqs that I created previously! It’s a good way for me to review lingqs within the context as I’m reading / listening.

As I’m reviewing, I’d like to upgrade the some words to known ( 4) or some other status.

My natural reaction is to press 1,2,3 or 4 on the keyboard and I would expect the selected word would change status. Obviously it doesnt work that way and Seems like the only ways to change the status in the lesson page is to click the number with a mouse.

Would it be possible for you guys to support Keyboard shortcuts to change the word status when its selected in the lesson? and then when i clikc the right arrow to go to the new word I can press 1,2,3 or 4 to change the status of that word and so on and so forth…

I guess kinda like what the flashcards work. Where you can presss the numbers and the status is going to change… I’m suprised that this kind of shortcut doesnt work in the lesson page when the word is selected.


@keroro - The problem is that the keyboard needs to function for typing when looking at yellow LingQs so we can’t have keyboard shortcuts active while the LingQ is showing in the dashboard. We would also like this feature so we are considering what else might be done here. Give us some time on this.

Mark, Shift+arrow keys or Ctrl+arrow keys to increase / decrease?

Hey Mark ,

Yeah I see what you mean…hmmm

Well, couldnt the numbers change the status of the lingq without interrupting the keyboard typing in the dashboard? I mean It’s not like if you start randomly typing Something shows up in the dashboard text windows/ typing space. Its not until you click in the text space that it starts typing.

I’m not a programmer so forgive me. I’m sure its not easy thing to do. I’m just throwing an idea out there ( an obvious one that you probably already thought of but probably wont work =) ) Cant you just put somekind of condition where the numbers 1 2 3 4 can change the status by default when you’re going through the yellow lingq BUt if you click any text boxes in the dashboard thats when the shortcuts stop working… And then if you want to use theshortcuts again just click outside the text box/ yellow lingq…

I’ll be patient! Its just something i noticed today. Its no big deal but would definitely improve the way i go through my lingqs.

@Ress, keroro - Yes, those are both possibilities we will have to explore.