Review words known

Does anyone know if you can review the words that are marked as known?

If you have marked a word as “Known” but you in fact do not remember what it means, you can simply highlight the word and create a LingQ out of it.

OK thanks you, but that I really want is view the list those words that I marked. That is possible?

You can review any word you have saved regardless of whether it is status 1,2,3, or 4. Check the vocabulary page.

Also you can manually downgrade status

It was very valuable the info that I received, but I feel that my concern isn’t resolved. I really want to know if I can review the list of my 3123 words that appear in my banner.

This must me stored somewhere, and it would be really nice to see the list of known, but not LingQ-ed, words, with the possibility to create LingQs out of them, and to remove some to have them “blue”/unknown again. Maybe a feature for paying members??? Would be really nice…

Correction: me => be

You can’t review your Known Words list. Those words are assumed to be known and we don’t want to gum up the vocabulary section with them. If you do come across a known word that you don’t know, you can always highlight and LingQ it. This removes it from your Known Words list.

Ok that’s it, thank you very much for your support.