Review vs New material

Hi guys

Ive been using LingQ for around 3 months. Ive been getting through a lot of material already on LingQ and also using videos from YouTube. Im learning Japanase and I still havent found a lot of content im really interested in (i find reading alone quite boring even if its scripts from my favorite show on netflix for example) so im finding i will just keep reading and listening to new material and not really spend time reviewing previously covered material. Im wondering how much time people spend reviewing old material vs covering new material? What do people think is a good ratio for effective language acquisition? Anyone know what Steves thoughts on this are? Please let me know you thoughts. Thanks

Technically you could do this either way, but it also depends on the type of material that you’re working with. If you’re studying with an “official” structured course, such as Assmil or similar, it makes sense to review lessons because they’re focused on core information and reviewing it will cement in words and grammar that are good to cement in.

However, if you’re reading books, or other material that’s meant more for immersion and not so much for structured study, I think it’s actually better to just keep reading through and trust that you’ll pick up words in their order of frequency.