Review Vocabulary, Daily LingQs and Spaced Repetition System

I’m not sure if the spaced repetition system is working correctly. In the help it says “LingQs are selected for review based on our SRS (Spaced Repetition System) schedule. Status 1 - 1 day, Status 2 - 3 days, Status 3 - 1 week, Status 4 - 2 weeks, then 1 month, then 3 months.”. I added new lingQs on the 14th August, They appeared in my Daily LingQs for review yesterday and I went through and clicked “Got it!” two times which adjusted their status to 2. You would then expect them to appear for review in 3 days time (which would be tomorrow the 17th August) however they appeared again today. I’ve gone through and clicked “Got it!” two times which has now adjusted their status to 3. When I look in the vocabulary section these lingQs are still showing under the “Due for Review” option. I will update this thread tomorrow if the same LingQs appear again in tomorrows daily review.

I thought I would update you with what has happened today with my daily lingQs. The LingQs that I added on the 14th August appeared in my daily lingQs for review again today. Therefore, they are now up to status 4 after just three days! LinQs that I added on the 15th August which should have come up for review on the 16th and then on the 18th also appeared today even though I completed them yesterday. Either I’m not doing something correctly or your system isn’t working correctly. Please advise.

Thanks for the heads up on this. I will ask one of our developers to take a look into this to see if there are any issues in the algorithm that might be causing this issue!

Thanks Alex.

Has there beem any outcome yet? Was this problem just an individual problem for this special account or did he make any mistake? This is interesting for me as well given that I do not seem to be able to always review every word I added as the system seems to take more control over the “all words” section than it should have.
Thank you very much

We are not familiar with any issue related to SRS system. What problem exactly you are having?

I don’t understand how to review the LingQ’s that I have just created. Sometimes hitting the bottom right arrow on the page of my lesson takes me to review, but it never reviews all of the words in that lesson. Hitting the yellow review button does random words or says there are no more words to review. ( Even though it says there are no more words to review, there are hundreds of words that I should be reviewing every day.) Finally, changing the filter in the vocabulary list to most recent words seems to do nothing.

The arrow button in the bottom right of the page reviews all the LingQs on that page once before moving you to the next page. The yellow Review button in the top right corner reviews all LingQs from that lesson that are due for review in the SRS system and shows each word twice in a session. When it says there are no more words from that lesson due for review, you should move on.

If you want to review all words that are Due for Review, go to the Vocabulary page and select the Due for Review tab. Then click the Review button to start reviewing those.

However, keep in mind that you don’t need to review all your LingQs this way. The review is really just a supplemental review tool. The bulk of your reviewing takes place in the lessons themselves as you see your LingQs again in new lessons and new contexts or while rereading your lessons.

I’ve been suddenly unable to “review more” when I want to. And totally uanble to review new lingqs after I’ve created them. This is only happening when I study spanish, for some reason, and not french. Anyone else having this problem?

All new LingQs should be due for review, and available in the lesson review, 1 day after you create them. You can review them between pages, of course, using the integrated review. Or, in the Vocabulary section under all LingQs. But, the lesson review tool does only show those LingQs that are currently due for review. But if you click “Manage LingQs” from that review screen, you should then see all your LingQs for that lesson on the Vocabulary page from where you can review to your heart’s content.