Review vocab on android

  1. Is there a video describing how to use this feature?

  2. I’ve been clicking a number 1-5 then the “Next” button, but sometimes it goes to a screen where it says “Enter word”, and I don’t understand why that is happening.

  3. Does click the green arrow do something different than pressing one of the numbers 1-5? Does it just increment by one?

  4. Is there a way to turn on Hebrew text-to-speech? It says language not supported by your TT system.


Hi Neal,

  1. We don’t have a video that explain vocabulary review on the app at the moment, but let me try to assist and explain how it works.

  2. These numbers are word status. It will increase automatically +1 if you guess the same word correctly twice in a row. You can also adjust status manually if you prefer. Once word reach status 4, it will be considered Known, will appear as white in a text and your Known words stats will increase.

  3. As mentioned under 2) if you guess correctly by confirming on the green checkmark button, and do that twice in a row for the same word, the status will automatically increase.

  4. Hebrew TTS unfortunately isn’t supported by Google TTS app at the moment. As soon as they add support for it, it will be available in LingQ app too.