Review section

Hi everyone,

I need some help.
How can I use the REVIEW section.
First of all, I can’t find it enywhere…


There is no Review section. You review your new vocabulary in the Vocabulary section. You can select the words to review using the filters and tags on the right hand side. You can then choose to print, flashcard or do a cloze test for the selected words. You are also able to do these things from within a lesson by clicking the buttons at the top of the My LingQs list at right.

Thank you for your quick replied.
How can I become basic member?
Whenever I want to do a close test, I get the next text:“Cloze Tests are only available to Basic, Plus and Premium members.”
Sorry about my awful English. Too difficult to interpret all of description for me.
Sorry about this.

Hi Bela,

You can become a Basic member by upgrading your account on the Account page, Just click the Buy Now button and follow the payment instructions. You can also see all the many benefits to upgrading in the membership chart on the Account page.

What can I do, if first I would like to pay for just one month.
I am afraid of, if I give my bank card details, the lingQ system will gets money every mounth, even though I won’t use it.
I don’t know it is true or not.

Sorry, but I have never buy anything via internet.

How can I pay just one mount first?

Unfortunately, you can’t pay for only one month, you will have to upgrade and then remember to downgrade to free again before your month is over. So, if you upgrade today, you must cancel before May 7 so that you are not charged again on that day. Keep in mind that you can’t upgrade and then downgrade right away since your Basic membership privileges are instantly removed when you downgrade to free.

Upgrade, I’m sure you will enjoy it and if you are not enjoying it or using it, downgrade at any time on the Account page.

You can always downgrade your account. If you go into settings, you can downgrade to the free account and then, if you want to use LingQ again, you can always upgrade again. Make sure to downgrade before your next payment date though.

Thank you so much for exhaustive answers.

How complicated is that then? Is the customer expected to go through such a complicated system.