Review phrases only

Is it possible to recall only phrases without words? Right now, it makes little sense to study phrases when their translations are mixed with single words:

Also, I’d love not to be asked to type in the whole phrase since the synthesized speech is not of excellent quality.

I had a sticky beak at how this works. Basically, the SRS review just copies stuff from this tab and displays it to you. Not sure if priority are given to phrases or it just randomly selects something.

Turn this setting off if you don’t want to type the phrases.

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You can disable the dictation test to avoid that. We’ll see what we can do on our end to improve things.

Than you, Zoran. Will that disable all dictation? I’m okay with individual words, less okay with phrases.

As for the automated voiceover, is there a way to partner with Forvo or similar service to get a real human VO for the words? I understand this is a huge undertaking in terms of production.

Yes, disabling the dictation test will disable it completely, for both words and phrases.
We are always looking into improving TTS voices and we do already have a few options available. We will continue looking into it and improving it in the future.