Review inside a lesson

I have two questions about this topic.

First is related to word reading count. When I turn a page, the count of reading words is increased. Its a good thing, bad thing is that I like to review my lingqs once I am inside the lesson, and once I do that, the word reading count is increased. There is some way to correct this?
I am not following all topics about this issue, and couldn’t find if its already being considered, but I guess it is the reason people are complaining about word count number.

Second thing is, I am not used to this but I’d like to review my lingq at every page, I am clicking on the “review page”. I remeber there was a button at the end of the page to do this, but I am not founding it or an option to do this. It was removed from the new version?


You can change the words read value in the lesson stats…or go to your profile, select “today” and add/update the values. In lesson stats is probably the most straightforward. I do occasionally do an “in lesson review” (jumping from yellow word to yellow word). I do it from sentence view. If you swipe quickly between sentences with yellow words, it will not count the words of pages you don’t linger on (not sure of the timing exactly of when they’ll count it as read). If you are doing the this kind of review, I imagine you would read the sentence that contains the yellow word(s) for context (at least that’s how i do this sort of review). In that respect it makes sense to have that words read counted. Of course, you can adjust in lesson stats as you see fit.

On the 2nd part of your question, I think it’s one of the settings you need to activate to review after each page.

At the bottom right in a lesson, you will see a LingQs card icon, if you click on it you will find the “Review Page” option there.
“Review LingQs when paging” option for auto reviewing that existed in LingQ 4.0, is no longer available.

Regarding the first thing you mentioned, are you saying that if you start a review on a page, your word count increases even if you don’t page?

Yes, zoran.
If I open a lesson, and then start a review, my word count will be increased even I staying at the first page.