Review differences between android sentence review and web (MS Edge)

I’m a new user and I’m enjoying lingQ for Spanish learning

I’ve been mostly using the phone lingQ app and noticed that there is a difference when reviewing vocabulary posed a sentence snippet from lessons, e.g.
“…piden que cada quien ____ lo suyo.”

In the android version, the narrator reads the sentence snippet and reads the actual missing word. In this review, it is very straight forward to identify what the word is and select the correct answer from the multiple choices presented.

In the web version the sentence snippet is read and where it encounters the blank the narrator says “amo”. Many times I have to guess the missing word among the multiple choices presented, especially if I can’t understand or remember the context of the sentence snippet.

I appreciate your response so that I can best use the app.

Thank you,

Julian Trujillo

Thanks, we will look into it and investigate if there’s any issue.

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