Review 5 Second Play Back Requires Two Clicks to Use

The review 5 second play back buttons requires the user to click play, then click review 5 seconds. Think about the user scenario of dictation. The user clicks play, then pause and attempts to write the material. If they need to listen to it again, they just want to press the review 5 second button, instead of click play, then quickly pressing review 5 seconds. It’s makes it difficult to use and the sound is unpleasant. it was more complicated to hide these buttons during certain events, then to just leave them on the screen.

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I agree, I miss the 5 seconds rewind button and audio progress bar. If I need to jump in the audio I find it very difficult with the new interface.

I may resort to download the audio and use a different player, but that’s cumbersome and really not desirable.

We have had quite a few complaints about this. We did not anticipate that people would miss these controls while the audio was stopped since we assumed it was something used while the audio was playing. We will be working on implementing some updates to the player this week to address some of the complaints we have received. Thanks for your patience.