Reverso translation to English only

So I’m a German and I use LingQ based on German language. I don’t have any problems with English at all, but… That seems to me to be a bug in the application. I’m learning French and while reading text suppose I don’t understand the word voyons. What I do, I click on it and see this

Fine. Then I click on voir, a Reverso-Window opens

But it’s an English translation, not a German one I would expect. So my question is - is it possible to make German or another language as default? And is it always Reverso or can I change that?

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Do you have that issue when checking tags only? What if you use content reverso for a word in a lesson?

For a word in a lesson everything is fine. There is also a menu option to configure which dictionaries I want to use. But with tags it’s like I described

Thanks, we will investigate that.

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Thanks. Just wanted to mention, that one is not new. I’m using LingQ for a couple of month now, and the issue existed since the beginning.