Reverse review card details

hello having the same issues as this previous post below. is there a resolve?

These are my reverse card settings, but when I try to use them by reviewing my lingqs by translation, they don’t work. What should I change, please?

Sorry to hear that. Reverse flashcards seems fine for me. What exactly doesn’t work on your end? What happens if you start the review with Reverse Flashcards enabled only?

nope. i just get it random ie. some have french on the front some english. i really want to only have english on the front and french on the back…(using chrome)

On the front it should show translation only. What it will show, depends on translation you saved for that specific term. You can check your saved LingQs on the Vocabulary tab and make sure your translations there are correct. If you see both French and English on the front, that means you have some incorrect translation added for your saved terms.

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