Return key in the note window

While in the reading pane, in the lingQ window note box, the return key used to bring the cursor to a new line in order to be able to stack the note lines. This is no longer possible while using Chrome.

note 1
note 2
note 3

You can still do it in LingQ popup in the Vocabulary Window however.

It works when creating a new note (blank note box) but not if you want to add a new line to a note box that already has content.

@pmilone - thanks for your feedback! we are still working on the Lesson page. We will keep your report in mind!

Sorry for butting in, but what and where is the note box? Have I slept through some LingQ updates? (Quite likely.)

Wow, you must be very blind.


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“What’s keep your report in mind mean?”

This is a Bug.

I use notes a lot and this recent update bug has slowed me down!

In order to add another note to a LingQ already containing notes, I must now go to the vocabulary window.

@pmilone Wow! Thank you so much, it looks very impressive. I take it these notes stay private or can anyone benefit from your labour of love?

As @TroiRoyaumes says, I am spectacularly unobservant!

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Yes,notes are private .

@pmilone - i understand that this is a bug. It is on our list as some other high priority things. We will do our best to solve it soon.

OK, now I understand. Thanks!

@pmilone - hi! Just want to let you know that the return key should be working now for creating notes. Let us know if you notice any issues.

Fixed, Thanks!