Restriction of adding new lessons

Hello there, guys!
Do you know by chance how often and how many lessons can a newcomer like me add? I have added about 5-6 lessons and now I am restricted to add anything new. ;-(

У вас есть ограничения на импорт новых уроков, если вы используете этот сайт бесплатно - раньше это было 4 урока в месяц. Но если вы платите 10 долларов в месяц, вы можете импортировать новые уроки без всякого лимита.


Thank you. :slight_smile:

I just thought I’d add a comment here as I see you have your own YouTube channel and are producing content for Russian learners.

Iimports are restricted if you want to learn a new language on LingQ and are a free member; you can import a maximum of 5 lessons for private use. If you want to import more you need to become a paying member.

However, as a free member, if you have your own copyrighted material or access to copyright free material or material that does not violate copyright laws, you can import as many lessons as you wish and share them with other learners - and indeed, earn money every time someone clicks on them. Evgueny40 would be an excellent person to explain this aspect of the system to you too.

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It is really an interesting point. I yet did not get the idea because I don’t know how to mark the content I had posted with my copyright. Now I don’t see any opportunity to share my lessons, looks like the system doesn’t understand they are mine. :frowning:

You just need to upload your lessons as “shared content” as opposed to private lessons for your own use. The system will never understand they are your own copyright, but the system will understand if you choose to categorise them as shared as opposed to private.

It’s been years since I’ve imported shared lessons, but there’s a link to importing content Import Help and if you scroll down you’ll find an item on shared content:

“How do I share content?
To share content, open a lesson that you have imported. Click Settings in the top right corner and then choose Edit Lesson. At the bottom of the page change the status of the lesson from Private to Shared. Then, choose a provider (or create a new one) and click Save. A lesson must have an audio file, text and an image in order to be shared.”

Zoran who works for LingQ can help you.

Or if you would prefer to have help in Russian, evgueny40 or SergeyFM can help you as they’ve imported huge quantities of content they share with others.

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Thank you, I’ll try.