Resources to import for lower levels

Hej allihopa!

I have noticed the Swedish forum section is rather dead for a few years. Maybe some of you on the journey will see this and it will become more popular again.

I’m currently at a point in-between Beginner 2 and Intermediate 1 in LingQ parlance. I’m finding that material is pretty thin in that most things are above 25% unknown words. I have completed all of the material of approval level provided directly from LingQ. For the moment it’s mainly News in Slow Swedish, and other similar, news related materials.

I don’t mind that on some days; but, for other days I’d really like to find some material around the 10-12% level. I don’t feel like I retain as much when things go over 20%.

Has anyone found or have links for any good sites to import? Even if they’re Beginner 1 level, that’s fine. I just want more exposure to comprehensible material that isn’t quite so advanced.

Even if you have no idea or are well above my level, let’s see some new threads started here in the LingQ forums for Swedish learners!

Tack så mycket!