Resources in several languages

Internet sites:

Audio books:


There is many languages on this website. I hope this will be helpful to someone.

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I’m trying out Duolingo Dutch right now. Thanks!

Isn’t Duolingo too easy for you?

I tried using Duolingo for several languages - but it’s quite boring for me and I didn’t like the choice of the given words.

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Here are some more links!

FSI Courses:

DLI Courses:

Peace Corps Language Courses:

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I just did the Duolingo unit on prepositions and it was pretty helpful. I’m kinda weak in that area.

Another great feature with Duolingo is that they have a way for you to ask questions about each and every little exercise and they have people who will respond fairly quickly to a sincere question. Despite my initial criticism of one of their contributors, overall they seem to do a really good job answering questions.

Here is another resource!

Wow great thread! Here is another one that I like:

Lots of audio that come with the transcript and the English translation, at least for Arabic.