Resources for input in Korean (video, audio, books)

Hi everyone!

After yesterday’s Language Gathering, I decided to upload my personal record of korean resources.
I update this record every time I stumble upon new stuff I find interesting. Feel free to ask me questions about anything.

I haven’t added direct links to the resources I’ve listed, but I plan on doing it from now on. Please be patient, as it takes time. You can still find the content by googling it, though.

This list is not an in-depth guide on how I find content.

A lot of people have been asking about my ways of finding content (especially the Korean zero to hero website). I’ll post a detailed guide in the next few days if anyone’s interested. Since it takes time for me to gather all the info, please comment if you’d like me to do it. I could make a YouTube video about it, maybe.


This is great stuff! Thank you so much for doing all this work and especially for sharing it! I am very glad there are more and more ebooks and audiobooks becoming available in Korean. That has not always been the case.

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One question. What is the best way to find ebooks on Google Play? I searched for 한국어 and got some, but is there a way to just go to Korean books and look by genre? When I search for topics, like 역사, I got a bunch of English books on history.

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Thank you for appreciating my content!
I’ve updated the list just a few minutes ago, as I just found out about a great fitness channel with korean cc :smiley:

Google Play Books surprised me with their huge selection of Korean books (and audiobooks!!). I’ve already bought a bunch of them and uploaded everything onto lingq.

I’ve tried looking for a way to filter content by language on Google Play Books, but apparently there’s no way to do it (same as audible for audiobooks).

This is my workaround:

  1. I go to Ridibooks (the other source I’ve listed), and start looking for interesting books on a certain topic (e.g Self Help Books). I find around 5 books I like. Your best bet is to go for the best-selling books within that category (since they sell more there’s a higher chance to find the same book in the Play Store)
  2. I open the Google Play Store and look for that particular book. Two things can happen:
  • I find the book (yay!). I buy it, remove drm and upload it onto Lingq
  • I don’t find the book (boo). I look for other books and eventually find something similar, or if I really can’t find anything I surrender to the almighty Ridibooks and suck it up haha
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Sorry for replying on an old thread. This is the only mention of ridibooks on LingQ forums. Is removing the drm for a Ridibooks book the same as doing it with Google Play books?

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Unfortunately, I still haven’t found a way to remove the drm of a ridibooks ebook. I’ve tried to find a download option from within the app but still no luck. Let me know if you get any new info.

Thanks for checking in. Sounds like Google Play Books is still the best option for importing stuff into LingQ, then. I’ll update this thread if I ever come across anything that makes it sound like there’s a workaround for ridibooks.

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