Resources for Hungarian?

Hello all-

Are there any books that you would recommend to learn Hungarian? I currently have Assimil, Teach Yourself, and Colloquial. Are there any other books or programs that are good?

I am not aware of any.

I haven’t studied any Hungarian myself, but this one is totally free

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Oh yes Jeff, I forgot about FSI. Thanks all !

Hey! Look at this site! Lot of hungarian book for English speakers :slight_smile: If you 're interested in hungarian i think you will find the best of book . How I looked these are very useful books :slight_smile: Check!

I hope i could help ^^ oh and thanks for your following :slight_smile: I hope i can find you if you have any question. :slight_smile:

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Koszonom szepen Nikca!

Szívesen! :slight_smile: - tons of Hungarian work sheets - hardcore classical literature with audio
Monty Python - Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook - YouTube - dirty Hungarian phrasebook