Resources for Arabic? Where to learn colloquial arabic?

I am taking a short break from german, I have been really cramming and want to give my brain a german breather. Wanted to return to arabic after a few weeks off.

Unfortunately, Arabic is really really made difficult by the lack of resources out there and the ones that are out there in the intermediate-advanced range are only for classical, or “modern” standard.

I love the lingq method of building vocabulary, but the problem is spoken arabic isn’t written at all. Almost all books are in Standard which is only useful if you want to speak exclusively to newscasters.

Where can I get transcripts to Levantine Arabic programs: Podcasts, radio, tv (mtv lebanon for example). Or, if anyone knows of ANY good resources for building colloquial vocabulary for levantine arabic please please share. I am already past the basic, beginner conversations. I simply can’t go to lebanon or pay for full time classes at the moment.

It’s not quite what you are looking for, but iba has some programs with Arabic (and Hebrew) subtitles

specifially a talk show

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Hello you need to learn colloquial vocab from an arabic native speaker like me :slight_smile: i can help you if you want to. we can chat through FB or skype


Look up Dardasha by Mustafa Mughazy. It is a book about colloquial Egyptian Arabic.

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Sorry to come late to the conversation. I have found this to be equally difficult in learning Levantine Arabic as well. The DLIFLC Gloss program is free online and you will find hundreds of colloquial arabic transcripts translated with audio. Yes, it’s amazing. I would recommend however, that you find a tutor to walk through them with you to help you understand idioms and sayings. An all-around excellent source I am using as well. Also check out LangMedia. Tons of Levantine interviews with transcripts and translations.


Also, look for the DLIFLC phone conversations. If you’ll send me a private message with your email, I can send all of the transcripts for that, but they are untranslated at this time.

Not really a resource, but عاصفة رملية ‘Sand Storm’, about a Bedouin mother, will soon be on Netflix Sand Storm | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix - YouTube