[Resolved: LingQ Plan Upgrade] Joined June 22, 2023 with Yearly Plan, Is it too late to switch to the Lifetime Plan and pay the difference?


Status: Resolved

Thank you, LingQ Support—especially @zoran! This was solved quickly and I appreciate it!

Original Topic Post:

Hi LingQ Support,

I didn’t know there was a lifetime membership—it’s not on the pricing page—when I was looking into LingQ when I joined, otherwise, I would have gone for it.

I sent a couple of emails, but there was no system response to my email, so I’m not sure they’re getting through.

I wanted to post here just in case since I don’t want too much time to pass where this might not be possible.

Can I be switched to the Lifetime LingQ Membership for Korean, pay the difference ( $96.51-ish), and make sure I won’t be charged for my yearly plan next year (around June 22, 2024)?


P.S. I sent my original emails with a “hotmail” email ending.

Additional Recommendation: I think it would help to add a “we’ve received your email and will get in touch with you within __ (period of time)” automatic reply email so that learners know when their emails were received.

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Strange but I don’t see your email in our inbox. Can you please message us again - support@lingq.com? Thanks!

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Looks like It went through this time!

Not sure why it didn’t go through last time.

I forwarded the message, so perhaps support can indicate what the issue might have been.

Thank you @zoran! You’re always a great help!

I took care of it for you and replied to your email. Glad to assist! :slight_smile:

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