[Resolved] Bug: Unwanted Transliteration on Android (Mobile) Review Cards with Transliterations Turned Off

Edit 2: Resolved

Edit: At first glance, this bug seems to be resolved (on Android at least),

There was an update on Sept 11 for the Android app.

I’ll use this a bit more and see if I notice any more unwanted transliterations before marking this as resolved.

Hi LingQ Support,

I turn off transliterations across every possible location (I clicked around a lot), and I’m still getting transliterations:

For me, transliterations prevent me from learning what I’m trying to learn since I can’t separate English from the Korean characters in front of me when they’re on screen.

This bug is a major inconvenience, so I have barely used the review cards since the issue began.

Here is a screenshot I took today. Please prioritize this issue, it’s preventing me from learning:

If I come across any variations of cards that have unwanted transliteration, I’ll edit this post and add to it, but so far, it’s been these vocab cards.

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We are familiar with the issue and we will have it fixed in the next app update.

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Yes! It looks like this has been fixed as of Sept. 11.

Thank you to you and the LingQ Dev Team!

I can study with my phone again :smiley:

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