Resizeable field for translation - a greate step ahead in usability

Dear LingQ`s team.

Translation field is a line now. Its bad - we need to scroll (? оr what?) it every time we need to see the whole translation. As for me its a real nightmare.
It`s easy to click on View Dictionary instead of moving and searching through my own translation. But what the usefullness for me from Translation field, I ask myself every time. One more click to see translation (and one more click to get back to lesson from popup).

So, please, LingQ` developers, make one obvious thing - remake Translation field auto-resizeable in vertical direction.

LingQers (users), tell what you think about it, please.

Ive found desicion for my purposes - last field in that block (I see Заметки titile, dont know what you see in English interface).

But that doesnt help in situations then one insert long translations strings in Translation fields.

The problem remains the same.

Editing first post created html tags. They are visible.

I agree, it would be very nice to have a re-sizable field for the translation, and not just for the example sentence and personal notes.

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I’ve expressed this wish too, long time ago. Also I would love to see longer user hints.

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@sdom, Thanks for the suggestion!

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