Resetting to Zero

I have been inspired by a chat I had with Matt the other day to restart my Russian.

Making available an option to ‘Reset language to Zero’ doesn’t make any commercial sense to LingQ, at the moment, I think, while it would be really nice for me to have a clean slate.

Would you ever consider this option for people who pay in advance? For example, if I were to buy a non-returnable 6-months’ membership, would it be possible for you to reset a proportion of words by special request? At the moment my merit badge shows me as knowing nearly 3,000 + words in Russian - wish’t were so! I’d love to go back to, say, 500 or so. (I would also like to reduce my Swedish and Italian to reflect a slightly more realistic picture.)

I have no idea whether anything like this would be feasible, but live in hope!

I am not sure how much demand there is for this feature. I also do not know what is involved.

On the other hand I guess you could start a new account.

I must say I do not fully understand the problem. Perhaps others have some light to shed on this or share Sanne’s concerns.

The reason I have wanted to go back to zero is this: I began a language at Lingq that was quite new for me. I didn’t have much of a vocabulary cushion. I felt good if I could figure out a word from context and marked those words as “known” words even though they were still pretty shaky. I stopped studying that language for a long time and lost most of what I “knew”.

So I come back to the language and would like to build up a nice vocabulary file based on words I really know, but I have several thousand words in my file that I don’t know…I’d like to choose lessons based on number or percent of unknown words, but I can’t do it because of my previous “folly”.

I have, in fact, opened another account so that I could start over from fresh.

Moreover, I’ve had two friends who started at Lingq who immediately managed to click on Lingq’d before they knew what it meant and got an unrealistic number of known words. I know that that the tutorials are supposed to prevent that from happening, but what can I say? Anyway it would be nice to be able to tell them to just zero things out.

If I can put in my two cents’ worth: that would also be helpful when somebody is studying one unsupported language in a different language slot and wishes to transfer data one day (or at least delete information that is possibly confusing, i.e. I don’t study Portuguese, but Turkish and I would really like to display this info in my profile properly).

I would support this idea. I can imagine that this feature would be very useful.

Another great feature would be the option to delete words from the “Known words” list that LingQ has in the background (not visible for students).

Piotr, Steve said they will introduce “beta languages” soon. So you should be able to have a Turkish slot.

By the way, Steve, the “next week” when you hoped these languages would be added is almost over… :slight_smile:

It looks like next week for sure for Beta languages, just putting the finishing touches. I also know that we are looking at a “reset” to zero function. Just be patient. I have learned to be patient. -:slight_smile:

Will there be Arabic too?

@mikebond: I know, but then I would like to reset my Portuguese slot so that I don’t get questions like “How’s it going with your Portuguese?” :slight_smile:

How is it going with your Portuguese ?

Çok güzel, teşekkür ederim!


We will see next week, but at this point it is a good possibility, and if not next week, then soon thereafter.

Please, me too I would like go back to zero for Cinese language because in the beginner it appear too difficult so I play for rise my avatar and now… now I can’t change the number of words that I know for put the real little number :frowning:
I tryed also to color with blue one by one word but… the number of words that I know don’t change :frowning:
I know… sometimes I’m silly but… I would like to learn and fun too :slight_smile:
Please, I have also Russian because I tryed to saw, but… for now I don’t want to study Russian so I’ll prefer, if is possible, to delete Russian.
Sorry for my bad English: I’m still learning it :slight_smile:

Just for anyone who may run across this thread at some point in the future, we have now added this feature and it can be found at the bottom of the Account page.

Thank you :slight_smile: