Resetting my 90 day challenge


I didn’t complete my first 90 day challenge because I more or less signed up to it to have a look what it did. Now I am further into LingQ and further into learning and I want to do another 90 day challenge, but I can’t reset it ?!

The 90 day period was over last month, and it still is not possible to do a new one. Can I reset this in some way?

I really want to nail the challenge this time :smiley:

Good point, you should be able to start a new challenge after the previous one has finished. I’ve passed this along to our development team and will let you know when this should be working again!

I started a new 90 day challenge in Russian a while ago but never got started. I would like to stop it and start again. Is this possible?

Thanks a lot

Unfortunately not at the moment, but we are reworking the whole approach to challenges that will be much more user friendly and flexible to the desires of different users. Keep an eye out for this in the new year :slight_smile:

Ok great. I will just forget about the one I started before. I hope I don’t lose the hat I got for the original one, which I did in Russian.

The hat should stay, even if you fail this challenge :slight_smile: Moving from a one-off challenge to an ongoing challenge approach is a bit tricky, so there are inevitably some issues that will (and already have, as evidenced by the post above) come up, but we’ll make sure that anything earned from previous challenges will be preserved if subsequent challenges are not completed successfully.

Looking forward to the next “official” 90 day challenge. I want that hat!

I was so looking forward to start the year with a new 90 day challenge, but nope, any idea how long until we can do one again?

Sorry for the delay! We’ve been tied up with a few other things, but this is high on our list now and we’ll hopefully have a reset button added in the next week or so.

I think it would motivating to be able to have multiple 90 day challenges in order to compare them.

Just a heads up that you should now be able to reset an active 90-Day Challenge by going to the 90-Day Challenge page and signing up for that language again. :slight_smile:

Excellent! Is there a plan to have a LingQ community-wide challenge anytime soon? I’d like to try another 90-day challenge, but don’t want to get started just to learn a month later that I missed out on starting with everyone else.

We don’t have a site-wide challenge planned, but one of our team members here is about to start on a 90-Day Challenge of her own. An email will be going out in the next week or two about this :slight_smile: