Reset progress?

Can I reset my progress with a language? Without losing all the imported content… I saw that if I delete a language from my studying list I think it deletes everything. Everything. I just want to reset the progress.

(Before we got the ability to turn off displaying lingqs, I was marking everything known so that it would clean up the reading experience but now that’s not needed.)

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You can only reset a language completely, but that will include your imports too, At the moment, it’s not possible to reset all stats but keep imports on your account.

OK. Not a big deal.

ok I decided to do it. I got a message that it is not instant and takes some time but it doesn’t say how long or if it will even notify me…

Well I deleted it a few hours ago and then came back from running and checked. It was still on my studying list. At first I thought I goofed something somehow but then I decided this was just because it was still deleting. I also deleted every language I had listed. The other ones seemed to “delete” right away but Korean just stubbornly wouldn’t delete properly. I guess if you’ve added more books/articles and have more words known etc then that slows the deletion process down a lot. I think it’s done deleting maybe after 4 hours. I wish I knew if it were really done.

If I add it back to my studying list again and start reading will that screw everything up if it’s not done deleting?

No, you are good to go, no worries.