Reset Phrase X broken

Select group of words, they turn blue, expect to see red X in top right. Instead I see nothing in firefox and a default image in Chrome

This guy is broken

It is working fine for me. I am using Firefox 26.0 and Mac OS 10.9.1.

I had this problem on mac safari today.

Just tried it in Safari. Same result.

Colin,, does that work?

What do you mean does it work? It is just an image of an x and it does nothing.

I am reading with Firefox now, and it is working fine. I tried it in Safari and it does not work at all. I am getting a little box with a question mark instead of the little red x.

@spatterson - Thanks, we’ll investigate!

Colin, yeah, it’s probably in your Firefox cache. That’s why it “works” there and not in Safari. By work I mean – you get a red x image

I see. But the x in Firefox also works. I just tried it in Safari, and the little box with the question mark also works.

…when I say ‘works’, I mean clicking it deslects the words.