Reset one of my languages

Hi, I have tried a bit of german and made up flashcards on an app on my iPod (I don’t like deleting them but at the same time I can’t afford to pay for lingq. I’m a paperboy and so don’t have a creditcard). I pressed know all after making up the cards but then accidently deleted the entire deck so I couldn’t practise them!

Is there anyway that I can reset just my German which will not affect my work in any other language?

Hi gizmo,

Unfortunately there is no “reset” feature available on LingQ. If you double-click the words that you marked “Known” then they will show up as blue and you will be able to create LingQs out of them.

Thanks a lot! The only problem now is when I click on one and then the one next to it, the blue all blurs into one and thinks that the two words are just one. Would you recommend when I come across a word which isn’t highlighted in another lesson to just highlight then, instead of on that original lesson?

Instead of double-clicking, you can also manually highlight words that don’t have a highlight to them. If you select any portion of a single word then it will become highlighted and you can create a LingQ out of it.
This is likely the issue that you’re having, as you can also save phrases on LingQ by highlighting several words in a row. Meaning, if you select one full word and even one letter of the next word, it will see the two words as one phrase (this is something that happens to me often, but is great when you’re actually LingQing phrases).

Perfect! Thank you! It’s working now! Just so I know, for future references, if I do accidently highlight more than one word, do I have to leave my lesson and come back and do it (like what I was doing when it happened) or is there a way to undo it? I would only like to know in case something like this happens with a whole document again (hopefully it won’t).

The way that I usually undo it is by clicking “+Hint” and then immediately deleting the LingQ that I just created. It seems to be the easiest way to do it, and it’s a lot less work than having to refresh the page each time you misclick.