Reset known words.?

With the new update. Once you go to the next page of your lesson if you have blue words unckecked it will put them to automatic know words. I didn’t see this until I was up 200 known words. Thanks.

Yes, this is how it works. Did you have a question about it? Are you talking about the web app or mobile app? Both work the same way. Once you have created LingQs for any blue words, you swipe to move the rest to known. This is particularly convenient on the mobile app. You can disable this for both web and for mobile in the settings for the two apps.

On the right side of the yellow review lingqs box there is a picture of a cogwheel. Press it and it opens a box, where you will find the following options paging moves to know, auto create lingqs and auto play text to speech. If you uncheck the paging moves to known option it will no longer move the blue words to known automatically.

How can I reset them all. Bc I hsve 200 more known words I don’t know.

You can’t reset a lesson. You can only reset your whole account which I think you probably don’t want. What I suggest is as you read the lesson, click on any words you don’t know. This will turn them blue so you can create LingQs for them. They will then be automatically removed from your known words. Likewise, if there are some words you want to ignore, just click on them and ignore them.

How can I disable the feature which automatically moves the blue words to known when I page through? (on desktop). I have created dozens of known words that I do not know. I like to page through the lesson and just listen quite a few times before creating linqs for blue words. I am about to reset Swedish as I have the entire language all messed up now.

Click on the Settings button at the top right on the lesson page, and there you will be able to disable “Paging moves to known” , “Auto LingQs creation” and “Auto play TTS”

Awesome! That works!