Resentful or to be resend

Hi Dear English experts friends,

I was reading a text about Christmas gifts and how hazardous it can be if you don´t know the other person and give to her/him the wrong present.

The problem arises when I was reading carefully and highlighting the words that I should take a good looking in the meaning.

I am stuck, maybe because I am Brazilian and the literal translation is making it worse, but the differences between:

I was resend by my friend because I didn´t know that she is blind and I gave to her a year-free movie passport.

I was resentful of the fact my friend is blind, and she can´t watch a movie.

I can´t figure out the difference here, I don´t know if my sentences are good examples, but it is a try, I would like to know if someone can explain if there is a rule or some clue that I am not seeing, when I have to use the adjective form, resentful, and when I have to use the past participle ´to be resend´, both cases seems correct for me, but I am suspicious that in one case the resentment is caused by the object to me, and in the other case it is my feeling, my characterist, my adjective… Am I going to the right way?

Thank you for any tip and sorry for my English mistakes,


I was resented by my friend. My friend resented me. My friend resented my gift. My friend was resentful of the fact that I sent him a gift he could not use.

I suggest you focus on the meaning and stop thinking in terms of adjectives participles, objects or whatever grammar terms you are using. It only introduces confusion and distracts you from focusing on meaning.

Steve, you are right, the meaning is always my concern. Most of the time, I am happy to read a text and understand the gist, I don’t need to understand every word, but in some cases, specially when I need to write, I get myself stuck in some points, and I am improving, but still writing wrong some basic things… that was the reason that motivated me to ask here.

I found your examples really good, it shed lights on my doubts… I have a three samples that might be good too.

He resented the judge unfair interference in the case.

He was resented by the judge interference in the case.

He feels resentful when he realised that the judge would unfairly interfere in the case.

Am I correct?

All sentences are incorrect. I suggest you spend your time doing more reading and listening at LingQ. If you require the help of tutors you should upgrade.

OK. Thank you. I will try to find texts with those words. :wink: