Requested update -- let us edit the headword of the LingQ

I ran into a problem today that I have had before, which is that I want to be able to edit the headword of the LingQ. I see and hear French constantly in Montréal, and when I encounter a new word when I am out, I write the word down.

But several times now, I have found that what I have recorded is a misspelling in the original or in the way I took it down. With the current system, I have no alternative but to delete the LingQ and start over.

A similar problem exists with words in the library that have typos or other misspellings in them. If I highlight and create a LingQ, I can’t correct that misspelling later when I figure it out.

Same issue, but in a different context – if I import content with a noun that occurs in the plural, I would like to be able to create a flashcard with that noun in the singular.

I know you’re getting many requests for updates, but I hope you’ll consider putting this in the queue.

We will be looking at our LingQ widget again in a few months not before.

In the meantime you can delete the word or phrase that you have saved and no longer want. you can then enter a new term, or even a list of new terms, in Vocab section and save them.

the only what you can do at the moment do for a solution with singular (from a plural word) is, to highlight only this part of the word. Then you have this in the lingQ-box. The same is possible if you want to save a part of another word (infinitive).
The disadvantage is, it is not highlighted but it is in your vobabulary total and will come in the LingQ of Day too,

The other disadvantage is that you can’t always just highlight part of a plural word to make it singular or part of a conjugated verb to make it the infinitive. Off the top of my head, in German, the plural of Mann is Männer. And I haven’t been doing this very long, but I can see a big problem with German is separable prefix verbs. I would have to select sometimes an entire sentence to capture the fact that I’m talking about abschaffen, not just schaffen.