Hi, How are you doing today. I am Ravikiran from INDIA. In the overview window there is a option called My Native Language in that field i am not find more languages. Include Indian languages. so I am in confusing face to choose.

so Please add some more languages in that option include INDIAN languages too.



It is our intention to add Indian languages and many other important world languages like Arabic, Turkish, Indonesian, Swahili etc., as well as minor languages spoken by few people, both as interface languages and languages to learn.

However we have to walk before we can run. So it will be a while before we get there. When we get going with languages from India I hope we can count on you to help with translation, with providing content, and with tutoring.

Thanks for commenting.

I am a native speaker of Turkish and Arabic, so I would help if Turkish and Arabic are going to be added to LingQ…Greetings !


Thank you and welcome at LingQ! I hope it will not be too long before we add more languages.