Request of all lingq users creating new linqs

Please stop putting personal messages and such in the hints. For example, in Korean, somebody writes “add this to my vocabulary” in the beginning of every link he makes. Very annoying.

Also, even though there is much less of this going on, please stop writing obscenities in the definitions, unless it truly is an obscene word. Thank you for your consideration.


Agreed. Please also stop putting “ignore” as a hint. Pretty much every word has multiple “ignore” entries. There is an “ignore” option you can use, and other ways that do not clutter this utility.


Yes, I’ve seen a lot of that in the English-French hints. It must make one’s flashcards rather useless.

Just an addition to Wulfgar’s note for Korean: the “add this to my vocabulary” text is a result of someone persistently copy and pasting hints from the Naver dictionary and not editing the hints after paste. (“add this…” is part of Naver’s interface text)

So, to our fellow Korean language student who does this, please take the time to either selectively copy the words, or do a quick edit after pasting into a Lingq so that only the relevant info remains. Thank you!

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thanks for the info - I was wondering what was going on there

I guess I need to put “go over lingq’s” on my to-do list. All 5,515 of them.

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One thing we can all do to help improve hints is to flag those hints with issues. (The thumbs down control on the right side or by swiping left on mobile) This alerts us that there is an issue.

We are also looking at adding a special class of “hint editors” who would be able to remove bad hints on the fly. We would also enable moving of hints that are showing in the wrong language. Is that something you would be willing to do?

With regard to Ignore and “add this to my vocabulary” we should be able to scan all hints and remove all instances of those. Thanks for bringing it up.


These are all great ideas Mark. I’ve flagged many of those useless “hints”, but I believe it takes 3 member clicks before admin. is notified. “Hint editors” is an excellent idea, and I would be willing to help.

Yes, I saw that too and made a point of deleting that text whenever I saw it.

Great! Those “ignore” hints should now be removed along with the “add this to my vocabulary” text. We will work on a way to enable hint editors to deal with bad hints and wrong language hints. We’ll update you when the interface is ready.

I hope this doesn’t delete this vocabulary from the personal member hints. I had partizipated in the project removing hints, that we had long time ago. Unfortunately some of the helping members deleted hints, that seemed ‘wrong’ in their eyes, but these hints included personal hints. I often add information to hints that is helpful for ME, but maybe distract other users. For example I do not add ONE meaning, I usually add SEVERAL meanings of a word, because the meaning can change a lot. What defenitely should be changed are hints with a wrong translation or translations into other languages. Also I’ve seen quite often, that users for example add the german and the polish (for example) translation for an english word. This is fine for the user who has created that hint, but it is annoying for German members.


I know what you mean. I sometimes need to add extra dictionary meanings for less-common words in French and Polish when reading a book from the New Testament, for example, because the popular hints can be entirely inappropriate. I can’t just simply auto-link; I have to check words carefully. I wouldn’t like the less common meanings deleted. Certain texts would be rendered misleading to the unwary. Other than that, my pet peeve generally are the user “Alzheimer’s” hints as I call them :slight_smile: You know, the one’s along the lines of " air conditioner: rectangle thingy that blows cold air"; “table: rectangular piece of furniture with four legs”, LOL. Gets annoying :slight_smile: (Btw Vera, that’s my little boy! :slight_smile:

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There is a “notes” area for additional information in every Hint popup. I realize the note doesn’t show up in other areas, but it is still there for review.

No, no hints will actually be deleted. They will just no longer be shown to other members if they are flagged for removal.


Thank you, Mark, for the clarification.