[Request] News Feed Articles NOT in New Courses

I don’t understand why news feed articles from LingQ have to create a new course for their newspaper, instead of going in our Default course (Quick Imports) or another course of our choice.

I always delete those new courses I don’t want as I like to keep my library clean. But there is no possibility to tell the system to do differently. Am I correct?

Can the news feed articles behave like we normally do when we import articles from the web?

PS: for German, many articles are from newspapers that ask for payment, you can only read a piece of it and then it’s locked. So they can’t be imported. Many German most known newspapers do like that. You should choose free newspapers only to be sure to have news that users can actually use.


Thanks, we will look into it and see what we can do.


Zoran, I also posted a query on your wall regarding looking up definitions in my native language, Urdu. Currently, I read definitions of unknown German words in English. Is it possible to read them in my native language Urdu instead? Is there a way for you to add it as a default language? I see that definitions are available for Arabic and Persian so Urdu has a similar written script. Thanks

Edit: I also found an online dictionary: German- Urdu

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