[request] Have "manage dictionaries" as part of the account, not as a cookie

As a user I mostly don’t care about the software technology behind the functionality. Unless the technical choice affects the functioning in a negative way. That is the case here.

I used to have Lingq constantly logged on, which is a security threat if someone nabs my laptop. So, today I set the chrome browser to lose all cookies once I end the browser i.e. close all windows. Normally that should have no other effect than that I have to log on anew. Which I gladly do.

But … apparantly, the “manage dictionary” feature has a bug. It is dependent on cookies, which does not make sense. It forces me to reset the order of dictionaries every time I log on. So, my request is to solve the order of dictionaries in a way that is compatible with the use of Lingq. I.e. every time I log on, all my characteristics and settings are restored.

Can you please make the “manage dictionaries” feature persistent across logon sessions?


thanks for your suggestion, I’ll take it to the team.

Have you found any solution about this? Because the change or sometimes disappearing of all dictionaries is still happening.


Has the team found a way to make the dictionary order persistent per language? Have they found a way to make it persistent at all? Is there an ETA on that?

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No changes have been made there yet. If anything changes, I’ll post updates here.

You see, this bug I have to correct on a daily basis. Every day I get reminded that this issue is not solved. Maybe you could solve it with the preferences per language as most languages have different dictionaries.

It is nice that you will give feedback once it is corrected. That was not my query though. How about planning? Are you planning this to happen? What is the ETA? If there is a planning, now that would good to know beforehand. No surprises, please. Let me know!

Settings are saved in cookies at the moment, you need to keep cookies saved. At the moment we don’t have in plans to make changes there.

I don’t technically understand this but the iOS app changes the order of the dictionaries at random. Or if I change the order in one language, all the rest are messed up. Sometimes everything disappears, like there are no dictionaries anymore and I have to recreate them.
I don’t think this is a cookie thing. It’s not that we can’t close the app! Same thing happens on Chrome sometimes, or a combination with the two.

For this reason, I can’t ever have the best experience with LingQ, regarding dictionaries, because I now tend to choose the less possible of them and never change the order even if they change randomly in one language. Otherwise, if I reorder again one language I risk to have all the other languages even more messed up for weeks. It’s like a domino effect!