Request for LingQ Roadmap

I have made several feature requests in the past to be included or modified in the LingQ application. It would be great for the community to see a roadmap of the software development to know where their requests are at.

One idea is something like Happy Scribe does (see below).

What do you think?


I had suggested something like this in the past. My “day job” is actually as a digital product manager and the tool I use lets me create portals that expose to users/stakeholders/etc. the roadmap.

The portal can also receive requests, bugs, ideas, show the status of those requests and let users vote on their importance (to them).

The tool I use is Productboard, but I am sure Canny.IO, shown w/ HappyScribe, works just as well.


Completely agree with that. It is very much needed.
At the moment, people are posting their requests and reporting bugs in the forum, which is far from being effective. We have no idea sometimes if a bug has been corrected or a much requested feature is in the pipeline.


I wholeheartly support this cause. Like yourself I’ve filed multiple bug reports and suggestions (including how to increase transparency and reduce work for them with a public bug tracker) via mail. My bugs and suggestions are always “forwarded to the devs” but in the end I don’t see much progress. Personally I don’t care if not everything is implemented that I suggest but it would be nice to see what is being worked on and what is rejected because repeating the same stuff all the time is tiring. Not sure why LingQ is so against it. It would silence a lot of complaints (in general and about communication), reduce their work load and also help them prioritize stuff (imagine user could vote on new features). The only reason I can see why this gets ignored (according to some conspiracy guys) is that management/planning is a mess and tasks get changed/postponed and deleted all the time … so not much motivation to have this out in the public.


Zoran, this seems a great idea. Do you have any comments to make on this subject. If we knew where we were especially with bugs and new languages it would stop us nagging


Or if it has been seen and noted.


Any comments from the Lingq team on this? As you can see, this is a feature many members would like to see being made available.


Totally agree. I have spent hours documenting bugs and sometimes they are just fixed because there was a glitch and sometimes they aren’t fixed or even acknowledged. I’m a software developer so it can be pretty frustrating to see how these things are handled at times but I also think it’s a pretty good product that could be great with better product / project management. For such a high subscription price, I would expect better communication and follow through. Especially on repeat requests and things that feel like low hanging fruit.

To make bug reporting easier but less developer work, they could just make a forum solely for that. One central place and voting capabilities. What do y’all think?


Or implement Bugzilla for tracking and remediation.

We’ll see what we can do, I’ll share this suggestion with our team. I agree it could be useful, and that’s something we would like to implement, but not exactly sure when we will get to it.


i feel like this kind of response in the exact problem that the road map would adress. like. you have already probably forgotten about this by now.


A roadmap is fast becoming an urgent feature. I can see several bugs reported on the forum. Some are acknowledged, others are not. I wonder how developers can keep up with so many request and bug reports being mentionnes in X number of threads…


I mean it might be as simple as just making 2 columns
might do, doing. it doesn’t have to be some crazy complicated system. anything would be better than what we have now. which is nothing


We do keep track of all bug reports and we are of course using tools on our end that helps us list and deal with all bugs/features we are working on. No worries!


Hi everyone! Just to let you know that we will be looking into creating LingQ Roadmap in the near future.


That’s great news! :slight_smile:

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Great news Zoran.

Any more news regarding this Zoran? Is this still planned? Thanks.


We did talked about this and it is in long term plans, but not sure at the moment when exactly it will happen.

I don’t like the new tiny text for translations. It makes bilingual reading, a fundamental function of LingQ, harder.
Getting feedback before you program changes could save time by cutting out unwanted ones.

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