[REQUEST] button to clear active playlist

You can delete playlists that you have created, but there’s no way (unless I couldn’t find it?) to delete all the contents of the active playlist. It’s excruciating to delete several hundred audios one by one (each requiring two clicks). Or maybe I missed something?


Yes, that’s not possible at the moment. We will see what we can do to improve things there.


Yes! Please! I came to the forums to ask the same thing. Over time my playlist gets full of old things I no longer want to keep listening to. I would love to clear it and start fresh. But I don’t want to waste an hour individually deleting each track.


Thirding this request, it would be great to have a quick way of doing this. :slight_smile:

For those familiar with their browser developer tools, I at least figured out a quick way to make it happen (for not too many items) by running the following JS in the console (no warranties etc etc, I’ve not tested it beyond my own use case, if it blows up your computer it wasn’t me):

const loopy = setInterval(() => {
  if ($('.loadedContent .lessons--list-item-controllers .dropdown').length == 0) clearInterval(loopy);

	setTimeout(() => { $('.loadedContent .lessons--list-item-controllers .dropdown:nth(0) .dropdown-menu .dropdown-item:nth(0) span').click(); }, 500);
	setTimeout(() => { $('.modal-container div.buttons button.is-danger').click(); }, 1000);
}, 1000);

I’m sure it could be refined, but I need to go to bed and I don’t have a huge playlist. It doesn’t automatically load any of the items after the first 50, so you’d have to restart after each time. It’s… not great for more than a couple hundred items. Something properly integrated with LingQ would be helpful!


@meippai My way to get around it is never to not add anything to the ‘active’ playlist. I just create another main playlist and use it. When you want, you can delete this whole playlist at will.

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