[Request] AI chatbot to discuss lessons


In Lingq, we can import an article or a video, we can listen to it and we can (sort of) study its vocabulary through the SRS. What about having an AI chatbot to discuss the material from such lessons to put our learning into practice with an active approach (as opposed to the rather passive approach of reading and listening)?

There are already several language learning apps out there that allow the user to write/speak with AI chatbots that give feedback, correct linguistic mistakes, give alternate and more correct wordings of the sentences the users provide, etc. Some of them are awesome and pretty effective, but, even when you can select a specific topic, they tend to ramble a lot and never focus the conversation on a particular article, book or film and their theme/vocabulary.

I think Lingq is the perfect platform to offer such a focused AI chatbot experience, and it would be a great complement to the whole learning experience within lessons.


Thanks for your feedback and suggestions.