[Request] Adding our Own Vocabulary as Pop-Up Dictionary

I was wondering if it’s possible to add our own internal vocabulary in the same or similar way we have our dictionaries. Behaving in the same way.

This will help a lot when searching for words that we have already entered but in another variants. Especially on Mobile where we can just do copy/paste on what we had already searched.

Or it would be very helpful and faster if we could connect with that database with the words we have already searched but in different variations.

Or to find another strategy as well, like inserting our own vocabulary as pop-up somewhere like in the 2nd screenshot below.

Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. I’ll add this to our feature requests list and we’ll see what we can do.


Any news about it?

Would be possible to add our own vocabulary database link inside the dictionaries? Does it make sense?


we have already added table and have our own definition.
we encounter tables
we click vocabulary > pop-up > search table > copy/paste/adapt.

Another variation could be to display our own similar entries after the note box, like the phrases.

It would be easier that always remember to keep another tab opened with our own vocabulary list.


At the moment we don’t have such a feature in plans, it’s unlikely that it will happen in the near future, sorry.