[Request] "Add to Playlist" Button on Web Version

On iOS there is a button “Add to Playlist” at the end of each lesson.

Is it possible to add it as well in the web version? Thanks.

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That is another extra click ;(

No, if you don’t have that button (which exist on iOS) you need to do a lot of extra clicks actually.

Tell me at the end of that lesson how you can add it to your playlist folder?

Sir I was just kidding. lol

I usually go through lessons in a particular course till completion once I finish one course then I move on to another course. Therefore, for me just going back to lesson tab only one time is enough then I click on “view course” there I can see all the lessons within the course which ones are completed which ones are not . There is this green sign that allows me to add it to my created playlist. I add lessons to my playlist in a bundle so adding 8-10 lessons on the go does not take too much time.

My learning style is different than yours but yeah your suggestion is not a bad idea at all. This way you do not have to search for your course on the main lesson tab.

But man efficiency means something else in North American vocabulary it is nothing like German efficiency :wink:

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All the process you described is exactly what we have to do for adding just one lesson. :open_mouth:

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This is actually already on our list and that button will be added in the upcoming web updates.

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