Reporting two new system problems

  1. The rose sending machanism related to conversation reports does not work any more. Don’t know if this is intentional; but if you are in doubt and click on the button a second time, the tutor loses a rose. If you click a thrid time, the tutor regains a rose but, like the first time, no notification is shown on the tutor’s wall. Don’t know if multiple emails are sent for all these clickings.

  2. I receive emails for my own forum posts.


I’m also getting emails for my own posts.

yes - I have just posted on the support forum and this was quickly followed up by an email notifying me of my own post.

Yes, it is a bit annoying - I also receive the notifications to all my own posts.
I’m sure that in 5 minutes I’ll receive the notofication to this post as well.

And one more problem: I’ve stopped to receive the flashcards anbf the notificans about them since 1 May.
I’ve looked today at my settuings - they were switched off though I didn’t do it.
I switch on them again, but I didn’t find the bottom - ‘to save the changes’, that’s why I am not sure that thery will be sent me again.

More or less same here, only the opposite.
eMail and Notification are switched on for Swedish and Spanish although I turned Spanish off a few weeks ago.
Yesterday the notification for Swedish was there, the email reached me about 12 hours later.
Today, nothing so far, neither notification nor email. Neither was the vocab list itself generated. It ends with 3rd May.
For Spanish nothing at all.

I can’t find any “Save changes” button either and the ? isn’t working so it can’t tell me if, maybe, changes are saved immediately.

Starting for Swedish which worked fine after changed to pop-up now gives me an error: NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID.

Following Evgueny’s post I went into Settings and looked at my notifications. They seem to be on but to be honest the layout is unfamiliar and I too noticed the lack of Save Changes buttons and the non-working ? button. Today no LingQ flashcards have come through, and yesterday’s came through with all the hints blanked out.

Thanks for the heads up on these issues!

I’ve added a task for our dev team about the rose issue, and we’re already working on the forum notifications and are hoping to have this one fixed very soon!

Thanks for the feedback here! All changes made in the new Settings section are saved immediately, though we can see how this might be a little confusing coming from the previous system. We’ll look at adding some sort of indicator to make it clearer that your changes are being saved right away!

Hmm, there does seem to be something strange here going on for some accounts. I’ve noted this down, and we’ll take a closer look shortly. I’ll be in touch if we need any other information here!