Reporting errors, typos and so on, in Finnish courses

This post is meant to be a catch all for any errors we find. I guess this for zoran.

Lingq mini stories, tarina 8, page 2, line 1:
"Lisa kysy … " should be “Lisa kysyy …”. Conjugation typo.
Lingq mini stories, tarina 8, page 3, question 2:
“Haluaako Antti valmistaa luonasta Saralle?” The word luonasta is misspelled and should be lounasta, like in the next sentence.

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The question is whether you want this thread long, as in each error its own comment, or edit the first (this) comment for each error and remove when done? If you copy the errors that you have done, I will remove them from the first comment.

Thanks. I’ll take care of these.

Lingq mini stories, tarina 13, page 4, question 5:
“Sanoko Sauli moi?” The word “sanoko” is misspelled and should be “sanooko”.

Ministories, Tarina 2:

Part A, second last sentence:
“Sitä paitsi Daniel ei puhuu Ranskaa”
“puhuu” should be “puhu”. This is sort of a serious typo, because “puhuu” is corrent affirmative conjugation, but “puhu” is correct for negation.

Question 5’s question sentence is missing question mark.

Ministories, Tarina 3:
Question 8 has word “Kissa” with capital letter, which might be correct in German, but not in Finnish as it’s not a name

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If you have a yearly subscription, you are able to change this stuff yourself. Be careful though, because your changes will go into the view of all. If you can change, there should be an edit lesson menu option. When I posted this message, I was blissfully unaware of any possibility to change the text. If you have a monthly subscription, I am not sure whether you can edit. In that case you probably have to resort to asking in this manner.
Sorry for the rant, in short: edit if you can, otherwise, keep asking. Hope this helps.

I put in a request to be a librarian (as I’m native speaker), so maybe I can fix these myself.

Found today which I couldn’t find when I was reporting those previous ones:
Ministories, Tarina 3
Question 5: “Pitäkö Katrina uimisesta?” → pitääkö

And one more:
Tarina 8:
“Siellä on monia kauniita kenkäparia” → kenkäpareja

And many of the names are weird. They are popular Finland, but not in this foreign form: Jonas → Joonas, Lisa → Liisa, Katrina → Katriina.

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I wasn’t accepted as librarian, because I don’t have premium. I just find it weird that I need to pay to be a volunteer.

Still, the things listed in this thread seem to be fixed now.

Found one thing which is not a typo, but in my opinion is not correct:
Ministories, Tarina 6
“Jaana lukee kirjan, mutta nukahtaa.”
which means
“Jaana reads a book (completely), but falls asleep.”

I think after reading a whole book it is ok to fall asleep, so either “but” is incorrect or more likely she should have read only a part of the book: “lukee kirjaa”. (This is repeated in B section.)

Even some Finns make this mistake (at least when typing headlines), but there is distinct difference if you do something partly (partitive) or to the end (genitive). It’s not archaic or even less used distinction, but normal language. This is a specialty of Finnic languages (Finnish, Estonian, some Sami languages).

Problem with this is that the lady who reads the text uses the wrong case as well.


“Yksinkertaisia dialogeja” is faulty. Firstly it’s lessons are numbered weirdly: It starts at 7, then there is 8, then couple of unnumbered titles and finally we get to 1-6.

Bigger problem is that they are missing quotation dashes. Like “Yksinkertaisia dialogeja 7”:
“Matti on hyvä ystäväni.
Missä hän nyt asuu? Olen ollut Washingtonissa viisi vuotta, ja Matilla on uusi asunto. Asumme nyt Töölössä.”
The first and second sentence are from same person and the last is different person. Same as who speaks the next sentences. This is very confusing. Same thing continues at least in the next lesson (“8”).

Also in the first lesson (“7”), “Meillä on kaksi poikaa, kaksoset” is missing a word “nyt” before “kaksi”. It’s in the spoken dialog.
It’s not easy to catch as the woman speaks it quite fast. Actually my girlfriend couldn’t hear it even after couple of tries.

More errors in tarina 8:

  • Kysymykset 1: “Liisa halua ostaa…”, missing an a → “Liisa haluaa ostaa…”
  • Kysymyset 4: “Ensin Liisa kokeile sinisiä kenkiä.”, missing an e → “Ensin Liisa kokeilee sinisiä kenkiä”
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Still more:

Ministories, Tarina 9
B) “Menen kotiin ja tilan pitsan” → tilaan
Kysymykset 2) “Haluaako Antti valmistaa luonasta” → lounasta

Ministories, tarina 12.
B) “Käytän paljon tietokoneetta” → tietokonetta

Ministories, tarina 13
A) “Sauli istuu alas ja Kirsi katso häntä” → katsoo

Ministories, tarina 14
A) “Opettaja pyytää häntä venyttelemän jalkojaan” → venyttelemään
B) “Pidän musiikin kuuntelemisestä” → kuuntelemisesta