Reported Speech question

She said that she was at home. She says: ‘(I am / I was) at home’.

What should I put in there? First sentence is in Past Simple and the second one starts in Present Simple so according to my knowledge it should be ‘I AM’.
Am I correct?


It depends whether she is talking about what she is doing NOW or what she was doing THEN! Both are appropriate depending on the context. She says “I am at home” if she means that now, at the time of speaking, she is at home. But she could also say" I was at home" meaning that sometime in the past she was at home.

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Ok, so let’s play it the other way around.
a) She says: “I was at home”. She said that she was at home
b) She says: “I was at home”. She said that she had been at home.
Are both a) and b) correct?

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Should have added Well Done. English isn’t easy!!

Thank you!

The Grammar sais that the b) is correct, not a).
But in the spoken language are used both versions.

As a native speaker, i can assure you that a) is correct both in spoken and written English!