Report - import - edit

When I get the report and imported it, I would like do some editions and would like work with “copy” and “paste”.
Unfortunately that is not working in this area. I cannot bring the copied part on the right place.

Could it be? What is the cause for not going?

I opened my Discussion Report, copied it to a separate program (Google Documents) . If I wanted to, I could Import it again.

Then I went to Import, Collection view, Discussion Reports, and opened my most recent discussion report and edited it.

There are two ways to edit your imported content. I do not understand your problem Irene.

Steve, I would like edit the report after the import in my privat area.

You know, often in the Skype box we have the sentence “Irene says…” Steve says…" and so on.
I want to delete these parts and perhaps copy and past some words on another place.
But this copy and past is not possible in the import area.

Now I do not import the report with the LingQ button, I copy and past it in a word document, there I edit and then I import in LingQ.

But I think the idea was to have the direct way, isn’t?


You can edit it just like any other imported content. Either click the edit button when you have it open in the WorkDesk or go to Import and find it in the list of Items and edit it. You do have to import it with the LingQ button first before you will be able to edit it.


Some tutors edit this out before sending you their report. But this is time consuming especially if the tutor has many discussions. In the future we may figure out a way to use the texts in Skype without these notes. It is not something we are going to work on now.

You have at least three possibilities.

  1. Study your imported discussion report, save the words and phrases you need, and DON’T update the imported report. (I recommend)

  2. Go the the Import section, find the Report, and edit out what you do not want.

  3. Copy the report to somewhere else, edit it, and import it again.

In terms of benefit to the learner I think the first is the best, and the third the least worthwhile. But it is up to each learner.


I stand corrected. I didn’t know we could Edit the content right there in our Workdesk. Thanks Mark. I guess I should know our system a little better!!

Thanks for your answer. It is correct I can edit there only if I want to bring some words on another place (in word I do this with cut off and paste) THAT is what not works.
The same happen when I import a created text or another imported text. The function cut off and paste is that was not works in this area.

Hmm… I’m not sure what is wrong here. I have imported a lot of content, and have also been able to cut and paste at will.

However, from my experience it has been easier to edit the text if it’s in the description field (instead of the actual text field) - I suppose it is something with the Word-like tool that doesn’t work too well with line breaks et.c. and that the description field treats the pasted content as “simple text” (which is good).

Of course I move the content to the proper field when I’ve finished editing it.

It also seems that sometimes the right click option to cut and paste is not available in some fields in which case you can try typing ctrl-c to copy and ctrl-v to paste.

Yes, mark, this is the solution for copy and paste.

Do you have a tip for CUT too, when I do not want do copy?

Hi Irene, normaly it is ctrl-x for cut.

And if CTRL+X doesn’t work, you can always delete the highlighted text. It’s probably as simple as that.

THANKS - ctrl+x is working!
That helps me often when I import an item too.

What good and helpful thing this forum is!