Report from conversation

I didn’t receive the report from my tutor after our last conversation, and because that is not her habit, I checked it with her.
She wrote back, sending this report on the 6th of June. Nothing is in my mailbox and nothing in Spam. But now, I got the link from her.

In this link, I don’t have the possibility to rate. Did you delete this possibility, or is the case this extra mail?

@Irene - there is no rating when reviewing your correction now. You can give your tutor a rose if you want to recognize their effort and of course you can leave a comment. Please also make sure to award the points you set aside when posting. There should have been an email sent but of course, not until the report has been sent.

Thanks for your answer.
The points were reduced on 6th of June, but the email wasn’t here :frowning:
I enquired my tutor on the 9th of June.

I am a little sad about the other point, not being able to rate the report directly. Why did you change it? It was easier and faster to do this directly after reading. Do I have to go to the profile now?

@Irene - That is strange about the email not coming. We will try and figure out what happened there. I believe these emails are being generated properly by the system. You can also find notifications on your Timeline on the Learn page once a request is completed. Regarding the tutor rating, we should make it easier to give your tutor a rose right from their request response. We will look into that, thanks!