Replying to a message on my Wall

I received an email saying that evgueny40 had posted to my Wall. I decided not to reply, busy on other matters, but to wait until I was next on Lingq. Later, when on Lingq, sure enough there was a counter indicator showing on the Forum tab and I found Evgueny’s message and typed a reply. But on sending the reply a message box popped up saying that I needed to be logged in. But I thought I was already logged in, otherwise I would not have received Evgueny’s message!!! Anyway, I followed the route to signing in again, whereupon I was taken back to Evgueny’s correspondence. But my reply, that I had taken me a good 10 minutes composing, had disappeared. I gave up in despair.

I’ve tried again this morning. I definitely am already logged in. I typed a much shorter message to Evgueny this time. The same thing happened; on sending the reply I’m told I need to log in. What is going on? Would it not be better to ask for a login before 10 minutes has been spent writing the reply?

J Peter Maughan

P.S. I do love Lingq, really, in spite of occasional frustrations.

I am now experiencing the same issue with commenting the answers to my correction request.

The error message is: Login required. Do you want to be redirected to the login page? Yes/No

Here is a screenshot:

And here is what I’ve got in my Chrome console: And here is what I've got in my Chrome console: -

@rambles @eugrus Sorry about that guys! We are already familiar with this bug and our developers are working to fix it. Thanks for your patience! And thanks for the Error Console screenshot eugrus!

This issue has been fixed. Thanks for your patience!

Unfortunately, I had the same problem several times for last days when I couldn’t answer my students.
It’s quite strange enough, but sometimes it works and sometimes not - I can’t understand why.
The temporal solution - to go to the page of the Lingqer and to write there.
But it would be better to fix the bug.

@evgueny40 This issue has been fixed now.

Many thanks.